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Dreamron Color Cream Developer Stabilized Peroxide 12%

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This unique formula creates a smooth non -drippy paste  with either color  cream or bleaching powder. For a perfect color tone or superior pre-lighting effect without adding any undertone to your hair. Available in 3 different strengths 6%, 9% and 12% for perfect and lasting colour solutions.

Miss Betty Color Magic Lip Soothing Tearing Lip Film


Long-lasting waterproof lip gloss, portable size, easy to carry.

Each tube has a built-in applicator at the tip so you can directly apply the lip stain to your lips.

Color Magic Lipstick leaves lips with a subtle, natural-looking rosy blush.

Peel off for easy use. Do not fade when you are eating, drinking water, swimming or in the sauna.

The lip membrane according to the lip, spread evenly, then wait a few minutes to dry, then its surface, from the outer lip, the hair is slowly torn off.

Perfect for professional salon, weddings, parties, and home use. Keep your lips soft and hydrated.