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CK One Red – Branded Rollerball Attar Roll On Perfume Oil – 6ml / Alchohol 100%

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  • Easy to carry with you
  • Alcohol Totally Free
  • Volume : 6ML
  • 100% Safe Product
  • Can Be Used More Than 20-25 Days
  • Long-lasting Fragrance
  • Export!!!! quality
  • Simply applicable.

FOGG Napoleon fregrance body spray 120ml for men

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Long Lasting Fragrance – It’s an all-natural deodorant and body spray for men that keeps you smelling great all day long. Its natural odour blockers absorb sweat and stench with secret ingredients and soothe the sensitive skin under your arm No Gas – Fogg Napoleon contains absolutely no gas and is filled with 100% perfume liquid which makes it last longer More Sprays – Each can of Fogg body spray gives you more sprays than regular gas deodorants Easy To Carry – Wherever you go, whenever you want; Fogg Napoleon is easy to pack and carry. It can fit in anywhere without hassles. To college, to work, or on a date, Fogg Napoleon will be there to ensure that you are at your freshest best in seconds