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B2B deals are supposed to be mutually beneficial, having a hidden agenda can lead to poor relationships. Export support and know-how is available to UK companies from the DIT’s 300 international trade advisers and nine regional offices across England, and the equivalent organisations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This includes 400 volunteer Export Champions, experienced SME exporters who can share their knowledge, as well as sector specialists based throughout the UK and globally. Pending the finalisation of the outstanding EPAs, it is still too early to assess their true economic impact. Moreover, renegotiating the CPA will not reopen EPA negotiations either, which raises questions about the relevance of a future CPA.

  • UK trade data used in this article, unless stated, are non-seasonally adjusted, in current price, meaning they have not been adjusted to remove the effects of inflation and seasonality.
  • When we approach an FTA, we try not to limit ourselves to tariff lines, or specific provisions.
  • The deal also aims to put in place safeguards to prevent products from the EU from increasing too quickly and impacting local markets.
  • The UK government says it has secured rollover deals with 69 of the original countries.

The EU wants to remove tariff barriers and open trade with India, particularly for SMEs, and in return, the EU would open up services and public procurement markets to India. Since talks only reopened in 2022, the negotiations are at an early stage, though progress has been made in several significant areas. Talks initially began in 2007 and stalled in 2013 before recommencing in 2022, following a nine-year hiatus due to a lack of progress.

Beyond specific sectors, what other issues is the FTA tackling and what does that mean for UK business?

The EU is India’s third-largest trading partner, accounting for 10.8% of India’s trade. India stands as the EU’s tenth-largest trading partner, accounting for 2.1% of total trade in goods. The Australian inquiry into Australia’s trade and investment relationship with the UK identified Australia as the world’s largest exporter of lead and UK imports of lead from Australia accounted for 43.6% of their total lead exports in 2015. It also notes that the largest application for lead is for use in batteries for transport vehicles, and as such, lead imports from Australia are an integral link in the supply chain for the manufacturing of road vehicles. When looking at trade in goods by commodity group, Figure 3 shows the UK imported more from Germany in the first half of 2020 than from any other trading partner, which represented 12.6% (£24.3 billion) of total goods imported by the UK. In the first half of 2020, imports of road vehicles from Germany accounted for 31.4% (£5.7 billion) of the UK’s total road vehicle imports .

Trading Partner Agreement

Trade can also be made simpler if countries have the same rules, such as the colour of wires in plugs or food safety requirements. Ahead of her first meeting with the US President, Ms Truss admitted that she didn’t expect negotiations to start “in the short to medium term”. The US strongly criticised the EU for not consulting them on the deal and noted that the deal goes against US policies on handling China.

EU to hold €800m renewable hydrogen auction

The current CPA will expire in February 2020, and negotiations on a successor agreement are set to commence in September 2018, with the objective of adapting the partnership to frameworks like the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Accord. The negotiations will take place against the backdrop of changing geopolitics and shifting global alliances, which cast a shadow over the integrity of the ACP group. Non-exclusive clauses allow either party to take the dispute to the court of any jurisdiction they find appropriate. Unilateral clauses, or one-sided clauses, allow only one party the choice of jurisdiction. If a contract fails to specify jurisdiction, the parties or the court may have to rely on theForum non conveniensdoctrine to try the action in another more appropriate court.

The deal will help EAC exports of coffee, cut flowers, tea, tobacco, fish, and vegetables while it will help EU exports to West Africa, which are primarily dominated by machinery, vehicles, and pharmaceuticals. The EAC EPA involves six countries, Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan, and Uganda. Kenya and Rwanda are the only countries to have signed the EPA so far, both signing it in 2016 and Kenya ratifying it in the same trading partnership with brokers year. Similar to the West Africa EPA, the EU has signed a stepping stone EPA with Kenya while they await full ratification from all six countries. While the deal is finalised, the process of ratification by each country’s legislative body is still in the works, therefore, its benefits will not be realised for some time. The West Africa EPA involves 16 West African states that did not previously have trade deals with the EU.

Tips for negotiating the best B2B contracts with your trading partners

Crawford said the department is continuing to address immediate barriers to trade for business and deepen trade co-operation with India through an Enhanced Trade Partnership, as part of a roadmap that could lead to a potential FTA. Crawford began by stressing that although the EU will remain a significant part of UK trade, it is now imperative the UK also looks to the rest of world for trading opportunities. A great deal of work has already been done to extend agreements the UK had as part of the EU and make them specific to the UK. The first consideration is to understand the impact that EDI will have on your business processes. Since web-based and service bureau solutions will have a ‘manual’ element embedded in the process, there is scope for introducing errors to the business process.

In the case of Indonesia, negotiations have stalled over the EU’s ban on palm oil and from the EU side, Indonesia’s ban on nickel exports. Therefore, while talks are reasonably advanced with Indonesia, a trade deal with the ASEAN will still take some time to finalise. The EU is currently in ongoing negotiations with Australia, Indonesia, and, more recently, India to sign free trade agreements.

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